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Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB Issue


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Hey, so I got the scimitar mouse, and as soon as I plugged it in, I noticed that when I move my cursor, quite a lot of things 'lag.' Take this GIF I made for example; https://gyazo.com/f009e2d49579165c74a0c9cf99b63797


When I move my cursor, the game lags. This applies with other games as well (testing 2 old mice, I had no issues). Not only that, but even the task-bar. You know how the background in your apps in your task bar goes gray when you hover over them? Yeah, well If I slide my cursor across the task-bar, even that starts getting choppy, and only the beginning and ending app my cursor touches change. Most games are unplayable due to this, but it doesn't occur in many other things, such as chrome, or just being on the desktop. I know it's not due to my PC specs, as I am pretty sure they are enough. I tried all USB ports as well. I also tried reinstalling ICUE, and still nothing. I tried updating drivers, got no luck. Should I just RMA it, as it might just be the mouse I bought? Thanks, and have a good one.

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