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Opinions On New AIO As Intake or Exhaust


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I haven't replaced my current 120mm push/pull AIO for about 7 years (still working though surprisingly), but I decided it was time to do it finally, so I got the Corsair H100i Platinum (240mm with CoolIT pump) a couple days ago. I wanted to get suggestions here before I mounted it.


These is the current cooling setup in my case:

Case: Cooler Master HAF X

Front: 1x230mm fan (intake)

Side: 1x200mm fan (intake)

Top: 2x200mm fans (intake)

Rear: 2x120mm in push/pull for current AIO (exhaust)

GPU: ASUS 1080 STRIX so 3 open fans blowing into the case away from the GPU next to my side intake


With the H100i, since its a 240mm, it will have to be used at the top of my case (the only option for this case), replacing the 2 intake fans I have up there, and I will obviously leave the rear with 1 of the 120mm fans as exhaust. I just can't decide if I want to set the H100i up as an intake with the fans below the radiator pulling down into the case, or if I want it set up as an exhaust with the fans above the radiator pulling up out of the case (I'm only suggesting pull configs because of easier dust cleaning). I originally was going to use it as the latter, but in the instruction manual, Corsair recommends the AIO to be used as an intake even at the top of the case (their diagram pictured it being used at the top), which confused me since hot hair rises, but I realized that my current top fans are intakes themselves anyway.


So for my case and set up, what do you guys recommend: intake or exhaust, and why? Thanks!

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I wanted to buy the same, do you recommend Corsair H100i? What other problems were with it??






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