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3700X + Aurus X570 Elite - Infinity Fabric Won't Clock


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Hi Guys;


I have:


- 3700X


- Gigabyte Auros Elite x570




I belive the RAM is Micron E-Die.


Anyway, I've been unlucky in getting better timings, so I thought I'd push for faster speeds, it boots and is 100% stable at 3800mhz, booted at 4000mhz but didn't check stability (just checked IF speeds).


Regardless of what I try and force the Infinity Fabric speeds to it doesn't set it always seems to revert back to sub 1ghz speeds - the only time it works at anything above is with XMP and auto and then it'll sit at 1796.4MHz.


If I try and set the ratio to 38 for 3800Mhz with XMP and everything as it should be it boots at 3800Mhz but it just flicks NB / Infinity Fabric speeds right back down to to sub 1k Mhz.


I've tried Inifinity Fabric at 1400, 1600, 1700, 1800 and nothing changes. It's rather frustrating to be honest.


I original went thinking this was Samsung B-Die and the timings were easily dropped - but seems it's Micron on my Kit which is a + or - depending.


Haven't actually tried playing with timings much die to the fact that IF doesn't clock right.


I just wonder if anyone else has had an issue with this RAM Kit and Manual OC + Infinity Fabric / NB Speeds.



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