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ICUE/Corsair peripherals/Corsair one issues


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Hi All,


I've been dealing with an issue for a while now, where my MM800 and St100 RGB profiles will reset to the default rainbow mid game. Once they are reset I cannot change the colour until I unplug them and put them back in or force close ICUE and restart it. This has been happening for around a year and will only occur in game, if left idle all day it is fine. Any devices with onboard memory (void wireless, k63 wireless SE and ironclaw wireless) are fine. Things I have tried so far:


- disabling xhci setting in bios

- high performance mode in Windows

- turning game mode off in Windows

- reinstalled ICUE and Link

- uninstalled link (this did seem to reduce the amount of resets

- different usb ports including the front one on the corsair one and directly into my monitor

- reinstalled drivers for external devices


I have an open ticket already however I am not really getting anywhere. In a last ditch effort to exclude any software issues, I completely reset windows and the issue is still present. I find it hard to believe that both the mm800 and St100 would have developed the same fault so to me it looks like an issue with the corsair one. Every single product I own is corsair to avoid issues like this so I'm getting extremely frustrated. Has anyone experienced this/have any advice?



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