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XMS4000 TwinX won't run at rated speeds?


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Hi there! First post :D


I come here with questions about my Corsair XMS4000 TwinX kit. Two 512MB modules I bought for dual channel sweetness and also overclocking, but I have a problem...


The modules run rock solid at 400Mhz, but refuse to run at their rated speed of 500Mhz! Indeed anything over 440Mhz is a definite system crash or just no boot at all. Now I use a Abit AV8 with these modules and an Athlon 64 3200+ winchester, and I accept that the winnie is running out of it's rated speed. However, it is odd that 2.5Ghz (or indeed 2.2Ghz+) is unstable with RAM at 1:1 ratio but when running the RAM below 400Mhz, the CPU can clock up to 2.7Ghz and not crash instantaneously...


I had two possibilities to explain it; either the modules were strange, or the memory controller on the chip couldn't handle the speeds. I have no motherboard supporting anything above DDR400 but as I understand it both the Abit AV8 and most 3200+ Winchesters are good overclockers. But I had to overvolt my Winchester from 1.4 to 1.6V to guarantee stability at 2.2Ghz, with the RAM overvolted from 2.7 to 2.8V (mobo max). Yet again if I step it down, the CPU will only need an increase to 1.65V to run stably at, say, 2.5Ghz with the memory at DDR400. But this is a performance loss!!! :(


Another interesting discovery: the command rate of the memory and the latency settings played a part in stability also. Seemed a command rate of 1T was disaster above stock, and similarly the closer to default timings the memory was the closer the system was to crashing...


So is it my memory, or something else, lol? :biggrin:

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I'm familiar with the HTT settings :) I have tried the HTT as far below 1Ghz as I could, stepping down the multiplier each time I met with instability... it's just strange since these modules wouldn't reach the speeds they're supposed to and yet others with similar setups (but different RAM, say from OCZ) were far happier... so is it the rest of my system? Any advice for fixage, lol...
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