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Carbide 275R Replacement Parts Australia


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Hi, I'm from Australia and have a Corsair 275R and I'm desperately trying to find a few replacement parts for this case.


Firstly, I'm looking for a replacement for the hex screws that hold the tempered glass panel on. According to another forum post (link below), newer 275R's have shipped with thumb screws rather than the ridiculous hex screws. It is extremely frustrating that these screws aren't widely available and Corsair offers no support in Australia.



Secondly, I've been looking all over the internet for Carbide 275R Top Fan Cover in black part number: CC-8900212 (link below). The Corsair website doesn't have them in stock and does not offer shipping to Australia anyway. There is no Australian retailer that stocks this item and a google search shows that no online retailer stocks it around the world (at least I couldn't find one).



I would be very happy to pay for Corsair or any one with access to these products, to ship these to me in Australia and I would be forever grateful.




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