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4 of My Fans LED's are no longer working + Some other issues with Commander Pro/ICue


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I guess I should start with what i'm working with here.


I have a Obsidian 500D with the Commander Pro and RBG Hub.

I'm using an H150i with 6 LL120 fans in my case. I also have a 4-piece LED strip and 2 sticks of Corsair Vengeance RAM.


The 6 fans plug into the RBG hub and then the hub is connected to the LED input on the commander pro.


For about 6 months, everything worked fine right out of the box. Out of nowhere, 4 of my 6 fans have stopped lighting up. 1 fan works, and another fan half lights up with one if its LED's stuck on red.


I have properly uninstalled and reinstalled Corsair iCue software according to their guide but this has not solved the problem.


Here's where things get weird...I originally had the fans plugged in to the RBG hub according to their sequence in my case, that way the special LED effects went in order properly.


I tried playing around with the RBG hub, and all the fans have decided that they only want to work if they're plugged into a specific hub slot. For example, fan 3 will only work if it's plugged into hub slot 6. Fan 2 (though most the LED's don't work) will only light up if plugged into hub slot 3. Each fan will only light up in one specific hub slot. So, I can get all of them to light up, only if I mess up the sequence that they were originally in.


I have no idea what's going on. How is it possible for my fans to know what slot in the RBG hub they're plugged into, and futhermore, why wouldn't it just light up? It's like the hub is saying "no that's not the right fan, don't light it up" but as far as i'm aware there's no controllers in the fans to tell the hub what it is.


My only guess is maybe I have a faulty RBG hub, and maybe whatever is faulty in it shorted out one of my fans so now it doesn't light up properly.


I hope that makes sense...any help is much appreciated!

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Similar issues here.

I have 6 ll 120 rgb fans connected to hub and connected to LNP slot #1.

I have 4 corsair rgb light strips connected to LNP skot #2


I loaded custom profiles and everything worked great for a few months. Now only fans #1, #2 will light up. Nothing I try will bring back lighting to fans 3-6, unless I plug them into hub spot #1 or #2. :(::(::(:


Really wish CORSAIR would get a handle on this. So many people having issues. I have a best of the best system I spent $4000 in parts building. Everything works great except ICUE system!!!



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Hard to say it’s a software problem...

RGB fans work in chain, each fan passes the RGB signal to the next one.

If you have a fan acting weird, it’s likely that the faulty one is the previous in the chain, as a faulty fan can light up correctly but be unable to pass the signal.


The only thing you can do is testing fans methodically.


- unplug all RGB cables

- test fan 1 in port 1

- if it’s ok, leave it there and plug fan 2 in port 2

- if also fan 2 is ok, swap the fans


This should allow you to identify 2 good fans.

Now plug the 2 good fans in ports 1 and 3 and start testing the other fans in port 2.


All changes should be done with pc powered off.


It could also be you have a defective port in the hub, but it’s not so common.




EDIT if you are using SATA splitters to power Corsair stuff, get rid of then and draw power directly from the PSU

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