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Corsair QL120 fan leds not working


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So I bought a QL120 rgb tripple pack and 3 separate Corsair QL120 rgb fans.

I connected everything like it's shown on the manual but when I boot on my pc the rgb leds are not working.

The ICUE software isn't showing the lightning node core.


So here is what I tried so far:

I tried to connect the node core on a different usb port on my motherboard.

I tried to use another sata connector to power the node.

I tried to only connect a single fan on the node, on each number and with all the fans( I rebooted my pc after changing the cable each time)

I tried to reinstall ICUE software.


I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the sata and usb port connection since my nzxt kraken works fine on both ports and the same sata connector as I tried for the node core.


Can someone please help me out with this? The QL120 rgb fans are not cheap I don't want to be disapointed by this.

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all i can offer is to make sure you are on the latest icue build buddy.. not sure if anyone else has any idea's...


either way.. open a support ticket matey


I'm on the latest version of ICUE but still no luck. I just opened a ticket so I hope they will be able to help me at Corsair

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Hey, hey!


Is everyone configuring their Lighting Node Core to tell iCUE you have QL fans and the # of QL fans connected to the hub? This is a requirement as well after hardware installation.

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i bought 1 set of Q120 rgb fans, all was working until I updated the Lighting Node Core , messed up all of my rgb fans ...


now they're not working..



i bought another set of the same Ql120 . the new set work`s really good but i had to test the rgb fans from my previous order.



:eek::eek::eek: what i did is i connected all those fans to the Lighting Node Core guess what? it doesn't work.



i am so upset I would like to share with everyone ,can i post a video here?



and please do not update firmware that Icue has provided. that was the problem in the first place because what ever it did, blown out the lights. you can see the lights but they're very dim.


i sent a e-mail out and got a ticket number is (2001253095)



i was going to buy 32 sets of Ql120 thats 96 fans . 32 4 u rack pcs 2 120 on the front.... big project... that's a lot of money to buy bulk but now i have to pull back because i will not pay around $4160 in one shot with a product system that has a nasty bug..


i demand a replacement a.s.a.p, because I have a presentation coming up.



here is a small picture and you will see.. please note ICY DOCK Black Vortex MB074SP-B 4 Bays 3.5" SATA Hard Drive Backplane Cooler Cage with 120mm Front LED Fan in 3X 5.25 Bay (Internal CAGE)


being used and yes i have to buy 32 Black Vortex Cage's.


this issue is ****** everything up..




note# 3 .. i had to buy lots and lots of Corsair RGB Fan Extension Cable because i have to make sure the cables come out of the rack. (back plate) on each P.C ..




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