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Weird iCue Issue; Loading Multiple Profiles Simultaneously


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At first, I couldn't figure out what was going on. A few days ago, my old Strafe began double-typing keys. I don't mean the same key twice. I mean two different keys. Like typing "1" would output "`1" and typing 2 would output "2w". And its always the same pairing for those keys.


So I figured, something must be sticking. I'm long out of warranty, so I go take advantage of Black Friday and get a K70 Mk 2 Low Profile from Best Buy. Come home. Install it. Problem continues. So... that means iCue, I figure. I uninstall it. Restart. Re-install it. Everything seems fine.


Today, I set up a couple profiles, and then it starts happening again. Only this time, I realize whats happening. Its simultaneously loading ALL profiles, no matter what process to which I've assigned them. But here's the WEIRD thing. It's using the profile actions for my Scimitar mouse, and applying them to the keyboard as well.


I've never seen anything like this. So I swapped keyboards back around, and the problem continued. I turn off iCue, and the problem goes away.


WTF? Anyone know what to do?


EDIT: Restartingt iCue changed the pattern. Now it no longer conforms to my initial assumption. So far, it only affects 5 keys.


` = `4

1 = 13

2 = 22

3 = 13

4 = 4 and acts like the Mouse 4 "Back" function.


I'm completely at a loss.


Second restart (just of service not PC) got new pattern. now more keys are affected too.









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