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Help Needed - iCUE Macro Actions


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I've just got an K95 Platinum and I'm trying to set up Macros, I've followed the video tutorial exactly but this will not work.


I've noted however the other actions will work , so I can do a text action, an application action etc and assign them to a G key and they work as expected.


However if I record a macro and assign it to a G key nothing will happen when the G key is pressed.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.





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There is a glitch in the current version of iCUE (3.22.74) that causes G key commands to shift to the ESC-F1-F5 row. This is not very helpful for most people since it retains the F key input as well.


Two options:


1) Try deleting anything you put into the Actions Library while leaving the profile assigned actions above alone. Most users still have functional key remaps and the like with an empty library. However, macos can contain anything and there seem to be exceptions that you won't know until you try.


2) Uninstall iCUE 3.22 and then install the prior 3.21 that does not have the bug. The catch -- profiles are not backward compatible. You will loose what you've done today.


Since you are just learning how to use iCUE, the 3.22 experience may be very frustrating and ultimately incorrect. We also don't know how the issue will be corrected. It's impossible to promise no one will have to redo their macros. For those reasons, I suggest rolling back to 3.21 for any new user. Get your stuff set up. Don't click the update button in the app. Wait another 2 weeks for the next version.


There are several threads about the issue. Here is one below with some discussion of the issues in play.




Here is a direct download for 3.21.




**If you decide to roll back to 3.21, make sure you check the box to "delete all user settings" during the uninstall process. You must get those out of there. Failing to do that can cause numerous problems. For those users who have a more developed profile library and are nervous about casually tossing it all away, go to your C:Users/(name)/App Data (hidden folder)/Roaming and copy the Corsair folder to your desktop or other safe place. If 3.21 does not offer improvement or if 3.23 requires no active corrections, you can drop that back into the Roaming location and pick up exactly where you left off.

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