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H115i rising temperatures, is it dying?


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Hi all.


I've bought my system 2 and a half years ago and have it overclocked at 4ghz and been comfortable with it. However I've started to notice a rise of CPU temperatures since a month ago and I'm wondering if my H115i is starting to die or if it's another thing altogether.


This is my configuration and voltages:




As you can see, the temps seem relatively decent but that's because I have the pump at the performance setting. Before the temperatures started to rise I usually had far lower temperatures, around 3C to 5C lower with the pump in the Quiet setting. If I place the pump at the Quiet setting the temperatures will usually reach between an average of 55C to 57C per core and 80C in package in idle alone and 100C both cores and package with 100% load.


Before this my temperatures usually ran 30C-34C average core and 41C average package with my pump in Quiet mode.


I clean my PC every 3 months and have cleaned all the dust out of my radiator a couple weeks ago and it had an effect of lowering my temperatures a bit but they keep slowly rising if my pump is in quiet mode, forcing me to have the pump permanently in performance mode. I haven't changed the thermal paste yet but I'm not sure if that would be the solution considering how the temperatures were cool and stable about a month ago and have begin rising and rising since then in such a quick fashion. I've checked the CPU mount and all the connection and they all are solid. I've also made sure the BIOS is correctly configured as well. I've also turned the overclocking off and the temperatures obviously dropped to about 29C average core and 35C package.


One thing I've noticed is that whenever I open my PC and move it to and from the workbench, whenever I turn it on again the temperatures seem to be 5-6C lower in average and stay there for an hour or so until they start rising slowly again. Turning the PC off by itself doesn't seem to make the temperatures drop in average but whenever I move my PC and turn it on again the temperatures get lower in average for a couple of hours. Not sure if this anecdote is of any importance to this issue.


So I'm wondering if my h115i is failing or if it's something else failing. Would a new dab of thermal paste be a solution or should I contact Corsair to see if it's still in warranty or could the problem be from somewhere else other than the cooler? Any help would be truly appreciated.


Thanks all.

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