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M65 ELITE RGB Broken weights after replacement


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I've ordered this mouse back in February and once I've received it I've immediately removed the weights since I've found it already more than heavy enough without them.

Didn't have a single issue doing it and everything worked perfectly... ...For a couple of months of usage until the left click Omron switch failed for no reason and I had to use the warranty to replace the product.

I haven't used the newly replaced mouse much due to various reasons, so I also didn't bother removing the weights until now, which created a whole new issue.

No matter how much I would try to budge them, the weights just wouldn't come off.

I've followed Corsair's own advice to push while unscrewing the weights, and after numerous tries on each weight with gradually increasing force it did the trick...

Except one nut also came off and I now have no way to put the screw back in





I'm guessing Corsair is aware of this problem since, in the same post where they gave the pushing advice, they've also brought up the possibility of replacing the mouse in case the weights broke, but honestly, having to keep on shipping the mouse back to the seller is getting really frustrating (not to mention that there's absolutely no guarantee that the new mouse won't have the same issues) and I'd rather not do it as long as the basic functionalities are fine.

Please have better care of your products and customers in the future, I have over a dozen Corsair products on my PC and I appreciate almost all of them, but it's just unacceptable for a €70 mouse to have such a poor build quality.

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