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If you have Void Wireless stay away from Pro


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I've had the Void Wireless for years. It's the most comfortable headset I've ever worn. I sometimes use it for 6 or 7 hours a day because my PC is my only soure of entertainment.. it serves as my television, my gaming rig, etc.


So I decided to finally try the Pro out because it's $59.99 and my old Wireless, while works fine, the USB charging cable is a little beat up.


Soundwise, this is the same as the Void. Kind of sounds like everything is in a tunnel. Bass heavy. Only difference in this headset is the mic I think and honestly it's not much of a change to make me care.


If you're after a decent 7.1 headset that's super comfortable and a good price grab this. If you're like me wanting to upgrade to something better sound wise, I'd look for something more expensive. These aren't going to satisfy your needs.


These are going back tomorrow. I'll live with my frayed USB cord a little longer, or get a replacement, and hold out for a better headset. Maybe I'll get something with a separate DAC. Who knows. So many people recommend this, or recommend that, it's hard to make a decision.


I can say, I'll most likely stay away from Sennheiser. They took forever to respond to my email asking questions, and they didn't fully answer me, then the second time I emailed them no response at all.

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