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two VS512MB400C3 and MSI K7T266 Pro2


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Hello, Here my problem: I bought two "Corsair" VS512MB400C3, when I put one of them whatever it is that functions but dice which I put both........ In fact they are recognized by the "Bios" until the arrival of the last page "Dos" before the final launching of "Windows", the page which recapitulates the memories available. Whereas at the beginning Ca posts me 1024, on this page Ca posts 512. Arrived under "Windows" that becomes the horror, dice the loading I have a screen of warning for weak memory. If I look by various trace programs from well appearing system both "RAM", but in finality they do not seem to carry out their spot when they are two. On the other hand as I said if I put only one any problem of it. I tested various solutions suggested on this forum, clear cmos, to assemble the voltage has 2,7, to place on the slots 1-3 or 2-3, the tests of "RAM" do not let appear any anomaly either.


Sorry for bad English, translation by google



My set up :



Motherboard Name MSI K7T266 Pro2 (MS-6380 v2.0) (5 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 CNR, 3 DIMM, Audio)

Motherboard Chipset VIA VT8366A Apollo KT266A

CPU Type AMD Athlon XP, 1333 MHz (10 x 133) 1500+

Operating System Microsoft Windows 98 SE

Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200



Memory Controller Properties

Error Detection Method 32-bit ECC

Error Correction Single-bit

Supported Memory Interleave 1-Way

Current Memory Interleave 1-Way

Supported Memory Speeds 70ns, 60ns

Supported Memory Types SPM, FPM, EDO, Parity, ECC, SIMM

Supported Memory Voltages 3.3V

Maximum Memory Module Size 1024 MB

Memory Slots 3


Memory Bus Properties


Bus Width 64-bit

Real Clock 133 MHz (DDR)

Effective Clock 267 MHz

Bandwidth 2133 MB/s


Memory Controller

Bank Interleave 4-way


Memory Timings

CAS Latency (CL) 2T

RAS To CAS Delay (tRCD) 3T

RAS Precharge (tRP) 3T

RAS Active Time (tRAS) 6T

Command Rate (CR) 2T

Write Recovery Time (tWR) 2T


Memory Slots

DRAM Slot #1 512 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM)

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I can choose only that in my bios:


Cas Latency 2/2,5

Row Precharge Time: 2T/3T

Ras Pulse Width 5T/6T

Ras to CAS Delay: 2T/3T

Burst Lenght 8QW/4QW


DDR voltage: 2,6/2,7


Actual setting:


Cas Latency 2,5

Row Precharge Time: 3T

Ras Pulse Width 6T

Ras to CAS Delay: 3T

Burst Lenght 4QW


DDR voltage: 2,7

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