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iCUE not detecting H115i Plat RGB


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Hi all.


After noticing that half my case fan wasn't lighting up, I decided to mess with iCUE a bit, and now I can't detect and control the H115 fan speed anymore, fans spin at 100% all the time.


Though I can still control the LEDs by selecting my case under devices, and in lightning setup select 3 fans connected.


Also in corsair link the h115 doesn't show up.


I do NOT have commander pro



Things I've noticed:


In the logs, I've found the following message

H115i Platinum | Malfunction: ReadBufferWithRetry -> Operation timed out.



My mobo does see the h115 when I use MSI's board explorer (example pic)




Things I've tried:


USBDeview showed it was on, but so was mystic light, so I removed dragon center and mystic light completely (it was a pain)


Clean reinstall of iCUE


Shouting at it



Nothing seems to work :(





For some reason Mystic Light keeps popping up on USBDeview. Even after I uninstalled it and thought to have removed all its files. Yet, there it is. Not sure if it has anything to do with my problem tho

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