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Help with OC and BIOS settings

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System i160


PC Case: Mini-ITX

Intake/Exhaust Fans: 140mm

Motherboard: MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC


VGA: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti

PSU: SF600 80 Plus Gold

CPU: i9900k

MEM: 32GB DDR4-2666 XMP


CPU Cooler: GPU and CPU Liquid Cooler closed loops

Keyboard: CM Storm

Mouse: FK2

Operating System: Win10 Home

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Check the ICs used on them via Thaiphoon Burner. The IC type can give you a rough idea of what OC potential you can expect and what timings to try at certain frequencies (from basic scaling characteristics).


Otherwise set 16-18-36-2T, raise the memory voltage to 1.35V and raise the memory frequency step by step until you loose stability. Then go back one or two steps and do a more thorough round of stability tests.


The MSI motherboards also have a function called Memory TryIt, that can achieve something similar.


If you are a beginner at memroy overclocking, you might want to check one or two tutorials first, that explain the basic steps and some of the pitfalls.

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