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Bad PC100 RAM? - Mac Related


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Hello -


I have an iMac (PowerPC G3 400 Mhz, Slot loading DV model - running Mac OS 9.2.2) which I purchased Corsair RAM for in June of 2004. The RAM was 256 MB PC100 (I have two DIMM slots) to go along with the built in 128 MB in the machine. Everything was working fine until December 2004, when my computer suddenly was not able to boot at all. This occured after a normal power cycle. It would begin to load extentions and suddenly stop midway, freezing up at that point (prior to the Finder screen fully loading). I tried booting directly from the Mac OS CD in order to run Disk First Aid (Scan disk utility for Macs) - that didn't work. I tried resetting the PRAM with the assistance of a friend of mine (IT technician who specializes in Macs), that didn't work. The only way we were able to get the machine to boot again was after I had removed the Corsair RAM and then I booted from the CD (running Disk First Aid to check everything first). When I reinstalled the RAM after doing this, the symptoms were repeated. I ended up buying replacement RAM at the same retailer and installed it shortly thereafter, no problems yet.


Both the original RAM and the current working RAM were purchased at Fry's Electronics. When I originally tried to return the RAM at Fry's, they informed me that the return policy for RAM is only 15 days within purchase. I've been very happy with the improvement in performance, but I am concerned about the apparent failure of the original RAM module. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm not sure if this is all the system information necessary - just let me know if you need more details.



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