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Corsair 570x Best Air Circulation


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Hey guys,


So I have a Corsair 570x and not long ago I switched all SP120 fans to HD120.

Currently I use :

4x HD120 fans - 3 intake, 1 outake

2x 140mm Fans - H115i AIO cooler - 2 outake.

Someone told me that the way the fans were mounted is wrong and creates too much pressure inside (5 fans intake, 1 outake).

I've changed the H115i fans to outake in order to "balance" the airflow inside the case.

I'm not sure if it really improves the heat and circulation, the computer is much louder than before (maybe because the HD120 is very loud ?)

So, is the current setup really the best air circulation version of Corsair 570x or there's a better way?



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Yes it is, you need the rear as exhaust and the fans in the RAD should be an exhaust as well, preferably when the RAD is on the top.


As for noise? If you can, install the fans on top of the RAD, meaning don't let the fans brow air through the fins, and maybe that could help, it's a pain to do it that way considering you have to balance the fans and the RAD while putting those long screws. Although it's easier if you get help.

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So the prior set-up was SP-RGB, 3x120 front intake, radiator top mount intake, and 1 rear exhaust.


Current set-up is 3xHD120 front intake, H115i top exhaust, and 1 rear exhaust.


First, the assessment that 5 intake, 1 exhaust can create too much pressure inside the case is likely untrue for any case, but certainly for a glass panel version where the glass is mounted on stand-offs. In that configuration, you likely could feel air rushing out around the edges of the glass. That is the intent and I know people who deliberately run this way as a dust prevention measure for glass cases.


Now, I am one of the founding members of the "balanced intake vs exhaust" group and that is the purpose - exhaust heated air, replace with equal amount of cooler air. While I likely would have started with front intake, top/rear exhaust and typically recommend that as a beginning, the thing to do is test and see. Is there any difference?


Something else to consider is which component are you more concerned about from a temperature standpoint? GPU? Or CPU? A big swing might be 3C coolant temp on the H115i. That equates to a 3C higher baseline and peak CPU temp. Most people can handle that. If you have an air cooled GPU, that is likely to be the primary concern if you are close to the throttle point or simply don't want to run the noisy fans any faster.


Typically I suggest leaving the top radiator fans below the radiator on the interior, regardless whether you do intake or exhaust. Putting them between the radiator and case mesh creates two sided resistance vs one when underneath. That creates more blade noise. However, with a smooth glass top, that may change the acoustics. I still expect it to be quieter when underneath and you may get some "air sucking" sounds when above as intake, but if you are curious it is not an automatic fail.


HD120s have a bit of a drone to their tone around 900-1000 rpm where you might spend a lot of idle quiet time when on the desktop. I've noticed that as well in comparison to my LL120s, but then this is not the case with HD140s that I find very pleasing at idle and speed. Can you clarify how/when the noise is perceptible?

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to add..


i have owned a 570x for over 2 years now and have ran it in a fair few configs.


what works best for me in this case is all filtered fans (front and top) as intake and the rear unfiltered as exhaust. i find this to give the best overall case temps and minimal dust/fluff intake.


i also find this case works best with aio's front mounted.

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