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Question About Timings


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Hello, I have a dilemma. I am building a new system with an A8N-SLI Deluxe. I would also like to use the new XPERT memory. However, XPERT modules only come in 512MB sizes, and I want to have 2GB of memory. The only way to do this would be to use all four DIMM slots, thus setting memory speed to 333mhz and 2T. What should I do?


Or if that is not feasible, I was looking at the 2GB kit of PC3200PRO



Would I be able to lower those timings to say 2-3-3-6?



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No I don't think lowering those timings will be possible, you can go for eg the 4 dimm option but I have read an article regarding AMD64 mobo's and using 4 double sided dimms and the German hardware mag was unsuccesfull to get it goin at DDR400 speeds with your motherboard (Socket 754 mmobo's don't have any issues in those tests) ; DDR333 2T worked.

There isn't such a world difference between eg Cas2 and Cas3 in games ( 5% speed increase measured in real fps), synthetic benchies can claim otherwise but I read enough about it and the conclusion is all little bits help, but you can increase bandwith more easily with as they like to call it Overclockers ram and low latency ram. (which gives better overal performance )


I wouldn't opt for eg 4 x Xpert memory dimms I would rather go then for eg 3200XL memory ( same cas and ... settings then the Xpert modules and a bit cheaper too ) or the 2 x 1gig dimms TwinX2048 3200C2 modules in the approved list by Asus, note that they needed to set it to Cas latency 3 to get it running !!!

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