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Best Corsair AIO?


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Hydro h115i pro

Hydro h115i platinum.


Eliminated the first from consideration. There is no reason to buy a v2 from several years ago.


Both Pro and Platinum are 280mm radiators and if you put the same fans on them, your are going to get the same results. The Platinum does come with higher speed ML-RGB fans, but those only offer a performance benefit if you intend to run them at more than the 1200 rpm of the Pro fans. 1200 is about my limit for 140s for normal use. If you are the type to set a render in motion and leave the room, that is something else. However, this is all a moot point if you intend to take those fans off and use something else, like LL or QL fans.


In the non-performance category, the Platinum has a more intricate RGB pump LED selector. That may or may not be relevant, but the added expense for that model comes from both the RGB fans above and the pump RGB.


The Pro series does not come with RGB fans, but is also less expensive. It will run quieter for at the minimum compared to the Platinum because of its extra low "Quiet" pump speed, but also has the same higher speeds as the Platinum.


Do skip through the cooling section and take note of other issues that may be relevant.

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