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2 x CMX512-3200XL and A8N-SLI problem

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I think I have a bad memory module. When I install the pair (CM512-3200XL) in my A8N-SLI Deluxe MB, I get the "system failed memory test" message. I then tried to install them separately. When I do this, one of the modules will work and the other will not. I get the same "system failed memory test" message and can go no further. Can I return the bad memory module to you? Please advise.





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Sorry for the delay, but here are my bios, memory and performance settings.




AMD 64 3500+

2200 MHz

512K RAM


Hyper Transport Frequency Auto

AMD K9 Cool 'n' Quiet Disabled


- Memory


Memory Hole for PCI MMIO Disabled

Max Memclock Auto

1T/2T Memory Timing Auto

CAS# latency Auto

RAS# to CAS# delay Auto

Min RAS# active time Auto

Row precharge Time Auto

Row Cycle Time Auto

Row Refresh Cycle Time Auto

Write Recovery Time Auto

Read-To-Write Delay Auto



- Performance


Q-Fan Controller Enabled

Overclock Profile Manual

CPU Frequency 200.0

PCI Express Clock 100 Mhz

DDR Voltage Auto

CPU Multiplier Auto

CPU Voltage Auto

PCI Clock Synchronization Mode Auto


I think this should be everything you need. If I'm missing a setting, please let me know. Thanks for your help.



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Hey Ram Guy,


I reset the voltage and first booted with the one good CMX512-3200XL. Everything worked just fine. I then tried to reboot with the good module and the suspect one. The computer would turn on, but nothing would pop up on the screen. It was black. I then took both the good and bad ram modules out. I took the suspect one and installed it by itself in the bank where the good one was installed. I tried to reboot, and the same thing occurred. Nothing came up on the screen. I waited for a couple of minutes, and I didn't get any further.


Unfortunately, I can't conduct a memory test if I can't get anything to pop up on the screen after I insert the suspect module. Please advise as to how I can return this bad module. If you want them both back, I'll send them both back to you. I've waited this long to get this computer up and running. I don't mind waiting a bit longer. Maybe this isn't the best memory for my computer? This was one of the two choices your web site recommended. Maybe I should have gone with the second choice? Let me know what I need to do.


Thank you,



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