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Starting a hydro x build 3900x


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I'm just sorting out all the parts pieces I will need for a hydro x build for my 3900x and it will have a 2070 super gpu as well.

Right now I have the system running on air to test it out and am about to start ordering the parts.


My main workstation is a threadripper 1950X with 3 1080ti cards all watercooled with xspc cpu block and 2 rads, D5 pump with watercool heatkiller gpu blocks soft tubing.

This will be my first hard tube build, I will be building this in a Lian-Li 011 Dynamic case.

so I have a couple of questions.

Diameter of tube 12mm or 14mm? does it matter?

I was thinking of putting in 2 xr5 360 rads but the configurator said 1 xr5 360 front and a xr7 360 top.

Would I be ok with just the 2 xr5's ? The xr7 with fans is kind of thick.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated .


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Tube diameter - Doesn't matter from a performance standpoint as both have the same inner diameter. However, there is a style element to thicker vs thinner. I generally prefer thicker, but the O11 has something of a narrow space an I preferred thinner for that specific case. This is very much a user choice. The thicker PMMA tube will reflect light in a different way with the thinner tube appearing more transparent. Lots of pics out there to take a look at and get a feel for your preference.


My general recommendation is you stick to the thinner 360s for the O11 unless you have an exact build in mind. The difference between the two models is going to be about 1-2C in maximum cooling situations, while offering a slightly different noise profile on the thicker rads. You don't need it the extra thickness for your hardware. My 2080 Ti can hit 400W (when allowed) and I was just fine with the dual thin 360x30mm. The second reason I recommend the XR5 version is the O11 Dynamic is a bit finicky with radiator placement. If you had an XL version, it wouldn't matter so much. However, there some hidden rules with the Dynamic. If you use the vertical side panel for a 360mm, you can't fit the 54mm XR7 in the back panel without modification. It will fit on the bottom. It will fit on the top. Going 54mm ties you into a very specific layout that may or may not be what you want. 2 XR5s at 30mm let you put them in any 2 of the 3 available places.


Here is a shot from the side. This O11 is top and side 360mm. Note the overhang down to the side panel fans. Since that is a unique element to the case and something most people want to show off, you may not want to completely block it off. A 54mm up top would be another fan width down blocking the side. That was too much for me and I was also weary of the back side. I was determined to use the side panel for a radiator.



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Thank you so much for the info was exactly what I was looking for.

So 2 360 xr5's it is. and I think I will go with the 12mm OD tube.


On rad in the side panel do you have the inlet/outlet at the top or bottom ?

I see you have the top rads inlet/outlet on the right would it be easier to plumb if the top rad has the inlet/outlet on the left and the side rad at the top?

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Unfortunately you won’t have a choice on the side rad unless you cut the case. There is only a cutout on the top (blocked in this picture). I also thought I could be clever and get around this, but it meant mounting the entire rad/fan assembly inside. That then creates a problem with the top radiator. I wanted top/side, bottom free.


In that early shot, I did have the top rad ports on the right by the front glass. I thought it would be an easier transition from the ports on top of the side rad and then to the pump/res top below. However, a last minute change to a Formula board with 2 more VRM ports made things complicated and I flipped it to the other side. It works both ways. That one you can choose what works best.

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