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Corsair Virtuoso bugs


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Hi there.

I recently bought the Corsair Virtuoso headset.

It has the best build quality I've ever seen (ok, that's likely what you would expect from a 200€ headset).

Well, unfortunately it has some bugs.

1. When it is wired to my computer using the USB C cable it came with it beeps in a verrrry high tone. This only happens to me when I turn my head and when it's wired. I've tried it on another PC (Windows 10 Build 19028) with the same result.

2. The left earcup is very hard to turn.

I have not found the option to enable Dolby Atmos(?) or anything else Dolby related, beside the virtual 7.1 surround sound in iCue.

I think you could expect from a 200€ headset to not have such bugs, but anyway. It still has amazing sound, nice RGB and the best build quality I've ever seen on a gaming headset since the Bose QC35.

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