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Help with choosing memory please


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Good evening everyone :)

... well, everyone with the time to read this anyway :P


I'm looking to build my next gaming machine and over the past 4 years the tech has changed an insane amount as was expected.


I'm after a little advice please.


I'm looking to put together the following build and need advice on the RAM side of it.


Ryzen 7 3700X

ASUS Prime X570-P



Now, the board lists the following as supported:


DDR4 - 2133

DDR4 - 2400

DDR4 - 2666

DDR4 - 2800

DDR4 - 2933

DDR4 - 3000

DDR4 - 3200

DDR4 - 3400(OC)

DDR4 - 3466(OC)

DDR4 - 3600(OC)

DDR4 - 3733(OC)

DDR4 - 3866(OC)

DDR4 - 4000(OC)

DDR4 - 4133(OC)

DDR4 - 4266(OC)

DDR4 - 4400(OC)


I'm looking at a couple of options. Mainly:

- Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Black 32GB 3200 MHz AMD Ryzen Tuned DDR4 Memory Kit


-Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB 3200 MHz DDR4 Dual Channel Memory Kit


Main questions are:

1 - As a gamer, I understand future-proofing is usually a good idea.. but is it really worth getting that super-fancy-super-speedy RAM or am I good with 3200?

2 - After looking a little into the differences between Vengeance and Dominator, the main thing that stands out is the cooling ability of the Dominator. Does it really make that much of a difference? The Dom is 25% more expensive with the same performance specs.

3 - Is the "Ryzen Tuned" part a legit thing? or is this just a sales tactic?


Many thanks in advance for your time. Spending a lot of money on something I've been saving a long time for, so I really wanna get this right.


Bigglez :)

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I found this nice little chart if your're having difficulty choosing a board.

AM4 Vcore VRM Ratings v1.4 (2019-11-07)


1 - In my opinion a Zen2 3000 processor with DDR4-3200 is fine however DDR4-3600 is better so if you can get that at a good price on the higher speed with good timings then great. Going above 3733 will force the infinity fabric ratio out of sync (with latency penalty) by default and there is no guarantee if your CPU FCLK can push back into 1:1 ratio with infinity fabric.


I think the common wisdom is still to stick to 2 sticks of ram if you want the best compatibility and frequency outcome.


2 - Not sure but Vengeance vs Dominator but Vengeance is lower profile so depending on your mounting of your cooling solution it might give you more space to work with.

(edit) Nevermind I was thinking of Vengeance LPX where the LPX has the lower profile. Personally I like the "soft" look of the Vengeance RGB Pro.


3 - I am wondering the same thing.

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