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Feedback on integrating the SDK


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Hi, I'm Phil and I work on a non-game desktop product at a large tech company.


A couple of months ago in a hack week I trialled adding RGB support with iCue SDK to see how it felt - it turned out we can do some pretty cool effects and it probably adds enough to the experience that I can convince the product designers we should ship it.


The problem that I have is I don't think that I can pass the security and privacy audits our application needs to pass if I load the iCue SDK DLL into my program. As a future direction if you can find a way to make a code-less interface to iCue that would be much easier for me to work with.


I'm probably going to progress by adding RGB using the SteelSeries API and then write a Project Aurora plugin to make it work OK on all my Corsair gear.

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