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Corsair Fan / AIO Build. Some Questions to get it right.

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Hey , so I plan on doing a Corsair RGB Build in an Lian Li Dynamic 011 XL. I have specific questions for my build / different equipment.


  1. I plan on buying a H115i RGB Platinum Version or H100i Platinum AIO Cooler for the CPU. How does the connection to RGB work? I know that the pump is connected via a USB cable to a 9pin USB2.0 connector on the Motherboard, are the RGB Fan´s also connected to the USB Port?
  2. I plan on building in 6 x 120mm Corsair Node LL Fans, I know that I need a Fan Hub for all 6 Fans and that this Hub can be connected either directly to a motherboard (via Jcorsair1 connection) or to a commander pro. Does that mean that I can only change the RPM via a Commander pro? If not is it really that big of a downside if they run at 100%?
  3. If I need a Commander Pro for regulating the RPM , I read that it´s really unreliable and can break very easily ( a lot of people complain that either one or more fan channels are broken after 1 or 2 months of use). Can someone tell me what their history with the Commander pro is?
  4. If I connect the AIO and the Fan-Hub or Commander Pro to 2x USB 2.0 Connections I should be able to regulate RGB of AIO and Fan RGB and Fan RPM (only for Commander installation and not Hub installation) Right?


I really really like to be safe on that and I don´t want to order (and wait) more than I have to. Wanna make it right and that it looks dope.

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hi buddy....


1, the Platinum coolers are a self contained unit.... fan power (rpm) and fan RGB is controlled by the cooler (in iCUE), the fans connect direct to the pump for rgb and rpm control/power


2, yes you would need a Commander Pro to control Fan speeds in iCUE


3, no! Commnder Pros are not unreliable... at all... i run 4 of them my self.. have fitted many for other people.. no issues. people have killed them by not reading the specs and overloading them with more fans than they should..


4, yes you would be able to control all of the Corsair RGB and fan Power (rpm) in iCUE.


worth the read buddy



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1) The Platinum series coolers have an integrated RGB controller. You connect the fan RGB directly to that.

2) Fan speed can also be controlled from the motherboard. However, you don't have as much control. The downside of not controlling fan speed is primarily noise although it can also impact positive/negative pressure.

3) I have 5 Commander Pros in various systems. Never had a problem. The most common thing to blow out a fan header is putting on 3 way or more splitters.

4) Yes


Check out the RGB FAQ linked in my signature too.

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Wow , thanks for the advice guys. So I guess Im ready to build up. Too bad there isn´t a 360mm radiator with RGB Fans, would really love to get one of those. And sorry for not choosing a corsair Tower, but the Lian Li Front looks so gorgeous, if the 680X had an open front glas pannel I would have chosen that one.
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