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Four iCUE issues


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I installed the iCUE program and all seemed to work - at first. I then loaded my 2950X with SETI (i.e. makes all 32 logical cores run at 100%) and had high temps of which I posted about here. I tried to increase cooling through iCUE but it appeared to work versus some temp sensor, i.e. when set to extreme or fixed fans at 100% the fans would slow and speed up like it was temperature controlled instead of full on. In trying to get deeper into reducing the temps I discovered iCUE can check for updates. I updated iCUE within iCUE. I then updated the H115i firmware within iCUE and it got stuck. So I left iCUE and did other things on the computer when iCUE crashed to desktop an hour later. Later I restarted the computer and now my H115i is running flat out, fans on full like I wanted in the first place. Also before the firmware update I had lighting swirl, after the update and before the restart no lights at all and after the restart the lights are on, colorful but not rotating any more. So now the issues:

  • I cannot control the fan speeds (no immediate problem for me because I wanted full on). Pump appears to be full on as well.
  • Cannot control lighting. Not crucial but would be nice.
  • Another attempt at updating the H115i firmware makes it get stuck again (says "Firmware v.1.01.15" with a moving, non-loading bar and threats of firmware corruption if stopped so iCUE stays on until it crashes). As expected, when updating the firmware iCUE cannot detect the H115i.
  • No H115i data now shows up in HWiNFO64 v6.14 like it used to (just coolant temp and the two fan's RPM) before the firmware update getting stuck. Just to be clear I only cared about Tdie temps in HWiNFO64 and used iCUE for H115i for coolant temp and fan RPM. I ONCE graphed coolant temp in HWiNFO64 and did indeed saw 0C and 100C spikes which is why I reverted to iCUE only for coolant temp as it did not spike even with HWiNFO64 running.

It appears the H115i has failed full on in my case which isn't a current problem but may be in the future if I wish to update, use the lights, control the fans and pump, etc. In other words get the full value for my H115i. :o:

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You may be running into the problem where some of the same sensors are being fought over between HWINFO64 and ICUE. As you stated that you only need HWINFO64 for Tdie, you should disable Asetek support in HWINFO64 so it won't poll those sensors. To do this, go into the options for HWINFO64 and on the "Safety" tab, disable "Corsair and Asetek Support". Further, I prefer to use the "portable" version of HWINFO64 as it doesn't load the persistent driver.


Give the above a try and see if it solves your issue.

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I took it to Corsair support and they came back with some instructions to follow: uninstall iCUE and the Corsair Utility service. I could only find evidence of the service in the Registry but I followed all the instructions. Then they gave me a link to iCUE version 3.18.77 to download and install. I restarted and re-installed like I had done many times before. Well the purging of the Registry and some files under the Windows user directory for my account seems to have done the job. iCUE identified the H115i firmware as "v.1.?" but after I did an update which took about a minute, I was updated to "v.1.01.15". A few minutes later iCUE recognized the H115i (as did HWiNFO64) and I had indication and control of the pump, fans and lighting.


I guess it wasn't bricked after all, great news. Thanks Corsair. :greengrin

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Uh oh! DO NOT run HWInfo and iCUE at that same time.

Or ... if you do, disable Corsair Link/Asetek support (in HWINFO's "Safety" settings) and unload the persistent driver.

Not doing so will cause issues.

Actually the few minutes I ran both HWiNFO64 and iCUE in the beginning I saw strange coolant temps like 0C and 100C. After that I did as you already suggested, don't run both at the same time and haven't for a while. I know my last post suggested it but I didn't. Once I set iCUE's fan and pump speeds, I exited it and ran HWiNFO64 all night since I could graph everything I wanted to see (Tdie node#0, Tdie node#1 [both from the CPU], Tcpu [from the m/b], Tcoolant [from the H115i]) over a long period of time.
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  • Corsair Employees

Having iCUE minimized doesn't matter, running HWInfo at the same time can cause iCUE to lose control over fans and RGB.


HWMonitor from the guys that make CPUZ tend to not have this issue, and I believe has the info you seek.


If you continue to have trouble please don't hesitate to create a ticket so our support team can look closer.

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