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Commander Pro + Sys Fans + H115i


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My goal is to control all of my fans through iCUE.


I'll be upgrading to fans that run quieter at higher RPMs. I don't use lighting.


I've got a few questions I'm hoping you can help me with. That said, please chime in with anything that you think that I may have overlooked. I've mostly been a hobbyist, plug-and-play PC builder over the years. This is the first time that I've invested in a nice rig, and I'd like to take care of it as best I can.


  1. I'd been assuming that I needed the Commander Pro (C-Pro) to connect my system fans to iCUE. Given that I don't use RGB lighting, is that the best/cheapest way to do this?
  2. Are 12V fans OK with the C-Pro or am I meant to get 5V fans? I'm planning to upgrade both my system fans and H115i fans to the Noctua NF-A14 PWM. (Noctua reports that they work equally well for Static Pressure and Air Flow.)
  3. If you'd recommend different, Corsair SP fans for the H115i, let me know what you'd recommend (ideally fans that don't have extra RGB wires.) My current fans in the H115i get pretty loud at higher RPMs.
  4. Am I meant to connect my H115i to the C-Pro?
  5. Clearing up a doubt I've had: Do I need to connect the H115i to my Mobo's CPU_FAN header in order to read the H115i's water temperature? I just necro'd this thread asking the same thing. In that thread, it's said that the only purpose of connecting the H115i to the CPU_FAN header is to suppress a BIOS warning. I feel like I've previously read that it was necessary for supplying a water temperature reading to iCUE.


I really appreciate your help.



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hi buddy,


1, yes a Commander Pro is the only way to control fan speeds in iCUE of fans not connected to a Corsair AIO


2, no need for 5v fans, 12v fans are the norm and fine.


3, Maybe take a look at Corsair None RGB ML fans.


4, you can connect the H115i's usb cable to the Commander Pro yes.


5, you would connect the H115i's pwm header to your motherboards CPU fan header to report it's RPM to bios so the bios doesnt throw a fan failure alarm. temp is reported in iCUE.


Hope this helps buddy

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