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H2100 Headset stopped working... kinda


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Yesterday I was using my Corsair H2100 normally, when all of a sudden no audio came out of it.


The dongle seems fine, when I plug it in the USB port (tried at least 3 ports) the computer identifies it (and even installed the drivers for it when I connected the dongle in another computer) and switches automatically to the headset as current device.

The headset, which is fully charged, also turns on. However, I can't hear that static noise when it is on... and the volume selector does not works. It's like both headset and dongle are not paired anymore.


I did the pairing procedure: with headset off, I pressed that tiny button in the dongle until it starts blinking quickly. Then, I turn the headset on until its LEDs also start blinking quickly. Both keep blinking and, apparently, cannot pair.


I tried to use the headset in another computer. It doesn't works.


Is it dead?


Thank you in advance!

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