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Fan/Pump Speed control H100i V2


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I had this pump on my 970A-G 3.1 with the FX 9590 and had no issues using corsair link to control my fans and pump.


Then i recently upgraded to the current spec pc and suddenly have no control over the fans or pump. i have the fans plugged into the splitter, with the pump connected to the USB connections on the bottom of my motherboard. and the 4 pin is connected to the CPU_FAN header on my motherboard as well. just as it was on my old system.


I do not use Precision XOC i use MSI afterburner, i read that was an issue, and was also an issue with some other things so i traded it in for MSI afterburner a while ago on my old system.


I have looked for it on USBDView and it shows up, with a green dot, and have also done the device manager stuff and shows uo, disable, enable, still no dice..


I have tried various other options and cannot figure this out to save my life -.-




Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus Pro WiFi

CPU ryzen 3600

GPU EVGA 1070 Hybrid

Ram G.Skill Trident Z 3600 Mhz

Cooler H100i V2

Windows 10 Version 1903 OS build 18362.476


Edit: But i can control fan speed via Speedfan5, or bios, but not the pump speed so its not a complete mess.

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Hi buddy.. yes the header the the H100i V2 is connected to needs to at 100% all the time iirc... been a while lol...


Edit... yes confirmed... needs to be at 100%


i turned it to 100% another question. RPM Control set to PVW or voltage?


i kind of have power over the fans speed.. its kinda weird.. if i set it to max speed using corsair link, i ramps up, but i dont think its ramping to the 100% speed.. reads at 2100ish rpm.. which i think is close to max.. but it doesnt sound like its spinning as fast as it used to before my upgrade.. its not as noisy as it was so im not completely sold on it spinning at 100% but i do have some control over it im just not sure that its complete control. also when there isnt any load it displays 0rpm even if i have it set so there is no auto fan stop for CPU_FAN header in bios

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RPM control should, ideally, be set to PWM. But what matters is that it's set to 100%.

You do not control the cooler's fan speeds from the CPU Fan header.

The fact that you are saying "no auto fan stop for CPU_FAN header" leads me to believe that you are trying to control the fan speed for the pump from the fan header. You do that in Link. If you reduce the voltage to the cooler (by trying to control the fan speeds in the BIOS), you will damage the cooler. And the fans won't get enough power. And they'll stop.

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