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Rmx 850 randomly shut down


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2 months old pc , sleep mode turned off , once or tvice every 2 weeks it shuts down by itself - sometimes when checking mail - sometimes when just turned on and maybe not using it an hour or two - it shut down and only leaving the blue light on the case turned on.i´ve had the powersupply and the motherboard replaced with new ones once and it still makes this fault. I now discovered that a power of and on - on the powersupply itself makes it possible to start the pc again on the case/button. If i dont turn off the rmx850 but only hold the case/button until its power off completley , i can´t start. The pc - it only tries and leave the blue light on the case turned on but no flashing on atempt to read the c drive ?

I´m now near to return my pc to store for the third time - very confusing !

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