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VS512MB400 problem

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I have a kingston 512 and a VS512mb400 they were working fine together until the other day when my system32\config\system was corrupt or missing, well to make it short i reformatted and took out the VS ram, it runs now, when i tried plugging back in the ram (either slot) it loaded up with the same error, or the dreaded blue screen, ive had this memory for almost a year now, it was the first memory i had in my comp, now its crashing my system, lot#0428068-2






AMD 2600+

Kingston 512mb400mhz <---installed, VS512mb400mhz <----not installed

ATI radeon 9600

non working, BTC 52x coaster maker

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What motherboard do you have? Have you tried clearing your CMOS via the jumper, then trying the VS stick by itself?



ECS l7s7a2, the ram worked fine up until a week ago, then it was just causing my system registry to be corrupt, once i took it out to run Knoppix Live cd and my system was faster than greased lightning from Zues's crack, blah blah blah, i know its the damn memory... tried plugging it in either of the 2 free spots, both errors, either blue screen or system32\config\system missing or corrupt, i couldnt even reformat my system with the ram in.... :(:

dont wanna do memtest, just want my gig of mem back, yall can test it when it gets to you

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