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We are a PC gaming center franchise. And we use all corsair accessories at 2 locations with over 110 PCs total. Recently we have had a lot of corsair void pro rgb usb headsets fail in 2 ways. Either the microphone boom cracks where it adjust and is barely hanging on by the plastic or wires. Or where the main usb cable comes out of the headset becomes damaged and the main sheath cracks and comes off exposing the wires. I have tried making tickets for all these headphones and they will just get deleted or merged since they look like duplicates.

I have tried contacting the sales dept though email and phone to see if we can try to get all of these RMAed or replaced, and we have been ignored.


There are about 25 broken headsets all with the same mic or cable issue. (which seems like a manufacturing defect with so many having the same issues)

We would like to keep working with you. What do you want to do? What do you want us to do?

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