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Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro mouse


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Yesterday I bought my self a Corsair Harpoon RGB Pro mouse and have installed with iCUE.


I'm also working with Corsair Gaming K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — Cherry MX Brown.

This keyboard is working with Corsair Utility Engine.


After installing iCUE, Corsair Utility Engine is not working properly anymore, I read there: please connect device?


Today iCUE will not start, after repair with the program he will, but after restart no more?


Are these two different articles bite each other?


All my G action keys also not working more...


I hope there is something I can do about it pls.

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iCUE is “CUE 3” and was a direct replacement for CUE 2, which is presumably what you were using before. iCUE resides in the same physical location as CUE 2, so it’s not possible to have them both installed. It should have removed the prior version on install and incorporated your existing profiles. However, I think the second aspect of that is where things might have gone wrong. iCUE does a whole lot more these days and the profile file format has changed. You cannot import CUE 2 profiles into CUE 3 anymore and I wonder if that also applies to the import conversion on upgrade.


Your best bet at this point is to use the Windows uninstaller to remove CUE 2 (if it is still there) and then do the same for iCUE. When prompted, delete the user settings or go your C:Users/(name)/App Data (hidden)/Roaming/Corsair and delete or cut/paste that Corsair folder to the desktop. Those are the profiles and settings. When corrupted it usually causes app launch problems.

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Thank you very much, I've uninstalled Corsair Utility Engine and iCUE, and also deleted all the folders you advised me to do.


Now I've installed iCUE again, and now I see two Devices, K95 Keyboard and Harpoon mouse.


It is right I can not import my saved Macro Settings from the old programming?


So I have to install the 18 Macro and Commands again in this new iCUE program.


Can you confirm this, please?


Regards, James48

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