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MP600 Sometimes High DPC due storeport.sys


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Since I've build my new machine with a MP600 2TB NVMe, I'm randomly encountering high DPC on my PC.


Sometimes the storeport.sys hangs itself up and causes disorted sound and a robotic voice on my mic with microstuttering on Windows.





Here you can view my DxDiag: https://1drv.ms/t/s!ApjkKlYuAWiiifoGvkNHeeUTjYPddw?e=FGAcFS


I've already tried the Firmware Update EGFM11.2, but that didn't solve the issue.


I've a ASUS X570 Mobo and tried following things which didn't work out:

- Removed the ASUS Realtek Drivers and Installed the Default Windows Realtek Drivers

- Deinstalled iCUE and Aurasync Software


I'm using a PCI Riser Cable, is that maybe the cause? It causes sometimes a buzzing Sound.


When I launch CrystalDiskInfo it solves the issue temporarily. So it has probably something to do with the Windows Storage Driver.

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