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D800/D900 Hotswap


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I'm entirely new to finding computer components and accessories, so please be gentle with me :)


Iv been looking around for a tower where you can change your HDD from the front without opening up the case. After a bit of googling i found out that is call hotswap.


I found a linus tech tips video about the D800, and as far as i can see, it has what im looking for.


That lead me to the D900. Seems to be an all around better tower, and its around the same price where i live, but now the hotswap is inside the tower at the buttom. But i noticed most of the stuff inside is a bit modular. Is it possible to move one of the 3xHDD hotswap boxes up into the front where you would normaly put DvD drives and so on, so you can use it from the front? Or would it not fit up there?

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