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RGB Light Stutering/lagging


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As a video is way better than stupid explanation, here's the link :





As you can see, there are lags of stutter in the lights.


It happens every-time I'm loading something. A game, a window, a program,...


Alt+tab to go to windows when in a game does it every time and even worse


I have the h100i + 4 LL120 fans


I got the RGBs cables linked to a 6 rgb slots corsair device ( can't remember the name, sorry ) which is linked to the LED slot of my commander Pro


I got 2 fans cables ( 3 because it's the h100i ) linked to my motherboard ( because the slot 1 and slot 3 of my commander pro doesn't work... ) And the 3 left in the commander pro.


Do you have any idea why is there some light lag ?

Im starting to get desperate because it seems I'm the only one getting this problem...

I don't know what to do.

Here are my specs btw:

CPU : I7-7700k

PSU : RM1000x Corsair

GPU : SLI 1080Ti x-trio msi

RAM : 4x8 ddr3 Corsair

Thank you,

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You are not the only one, I've had this issue since I built my rig back in March. My stutter/loop reset issue however is a lot less frequent than what you are observing; it realistically only happens to me on full load when I'm exporting a batch of photographs from Adobe Lightroom for example. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a solution.


Link below to my thread from earlier this year:



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I had the same issues with my 6 new LL120mm fans and my H100i platinum rgb, the problem was that i had my 6 fans plugged into my fan hub and the built in fan controller for the cpu was left empty but the icue software defulted to occupying it in the settings making my system think there was an extra 2 LL fans. Changing the setting to 'None' for the hardware options for the AIO seemed to completely fix the stutter in my rgb ram, aio, light strips and fans.
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