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H100i Pro, plastic back plate little bounces.


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Is this a concern?


motherboard is z390 aorus ultra rev 1.0


using corsair h100i Pro rgb.


The plastic back plate, when mounting the lga 115x screws, tight to the back plate it doesn't exactly stay snug. You can grab the screws and it has a couple mm gap, so you can bounce it between the mount and the top side of the motherboard with the underside of the screw.


Is the plastic back plate supposed to go through the holes of the motherboard to have it then sit absolutely flush with back of motherboard???


I have installed other after market coolers and I always thought the back plate lines up with motherboard holes, you push it through the holes and the scews lock it down. Thus you cannot move the back plate at all.


However, when I attach the cooler and screw it down, there is NO movement. It doesn't bounce its good and snug on the board.

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