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Continuous, single tone when turning on


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I've been driving myself insane trying to figure this out.


Even since I've switched to the Corsair Void Pros, everytime I turn them on after a long period of time, I'm just greeted with one infinite DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT~~~. If I turn them off and on again, I have maybe a 1 in 10 chance the sound will stop.


And to make matters worse, it doesn't seem to be a connection issue, because I can still hear audio behind the "doot", but it never goes away on its own. I have to turn them off and on again over and over and over again hoping that one of these times the sound will be gone.


I thought maybe rebooting the ICue software was helping, but that worked a total of 2 times and now makes no difference. I have the software completely up to date as well.


I thought maybe battery level was the issue, but it does this whether the battery is at 90% or 15%, it makes no perceivable difference.


I've been trying to tolerate and troubleshoot this for the last 5 months of owning these and I'm at my wits end here. They're perfectly functional wireless headphones otherwise.

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