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PC3200 C2 SPD Corrupted?

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Hi all


I own a pair of TwinX1024-3200C2PT, and I've seen something really strange in SPD : on one bank the part number seems to be ok : CMX512-3200C2 (never seen something else), but on the other one, CPUZ and Everest read often CMX5M2-3203C2, and sometimes it's slightly different, but never ok. :eek:


On the other hand, SPD timings are 2-2-2-6@133Mhz, 2.5-3-3-7@166Mhz and 3-3-3-8@200Mhz on both banks, in my mind 3200C2 runs at 2.5-3-3-6@200Mhz with an AMD XP, and I was expecting finding this in SPD.

Edit : ok, I've read the XMS Qualification and Testing topic, 3200C2 SPD is JEDEC compliant


I've checked this with two different motherboard (Asus A7N8X-E and Abit NF7 Rev2), in dual channel mode, both read the same values, and the part number problem is actually depending on the memory bank, not the motherboard slot.


Any ideas?


Edit : maybe I didn't post on the right forum :!oops: :beatchair

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All of our XMS modules that end with C2 would have their SPD set to JEDEC defined values for the IC used on that specific part, or in this case the SPD would be set to Cass 3-3-3-8 at DDR400. The tested settings of Cass 2-3-3-6 would need to be manually set. As far as the programs reading a letter I would not be too concerned as long as the timings are correct and you are not having a problem with the modules.
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