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Quality taking a lapse for the worse?


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Building a new computer and I am quite surprised by what seems to be the quality of Corsairs PSU at this point.


I decided to go for overkill as I wanted a silent computer (water-cooled), and got an AX1600i. Just from the start, I notice this one has a louder ticking sound when being in an offline state than my old trusty AX1200.


When I boot up 3DMark to get some benchmark numbers before I start overclocking, I got surprised with a very loud/high coil whine from the graphics card (MSI 2980Ti Gaming X Trio). When I say high, it means that if the graphics card worked at 100% you could hear it through the door, four-meter away from the computer.


Considering I had bought a top of the line PSU, I immediately blamed the graphics card and was about to do an RMA, but decided to double-check with my old AX1200 just so I could strengthen my case for an RMA.


Imagine my surprise, when with the AX1200 there is no coil whine from the graphics card at all. The AX1200 has a little bit, but nothing that closing the cabinet and moving it under the desk will remove.



Now, I'll be honest the AX1600i itself had no coil whine, though this does not matter when it actually causes it in other components. It could be I received a defective item, but looking at the reviews at the different online hardware stores where I live, it does not paint a good picture of the quality control done at the factory.


The moral of the story is, even if you have a high-end PSU and you have coil whine from the graphics card, it might not be the graphics card you should RMA.

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