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Corsair CX 650W buzzing/electrical sound


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Hi there!

Around a week ago I built a system with the CX 650W. Everything works fine, however the PSU emits some sort of a buzzing/electrical sound randomly, I'm unable to reproduce the issue after multiple attempts.


Also, worth mentioning the sound persists even when the computer is turned off (although the switch on the PSU is left on)


I've noticed the sound is emitted from the area the power cable in connected to the PSU, at first I thought I might have a defective cable but no luck after trying a different cable or re-adjusting it as well.


Managed to grab a video recording : https://imgur.com/a/vRmjSJO (please turn up your volume if need be)


I've tried troubleshooting the issue by doing the following :

~ Followed the steps from here

~ Turned off the computer, re-seated the power cable, the sound seemed to have gone away at first but came back after some time.

~ Checked my case for loose screws, wires etc.

~ Tried a different socket in my house, I doubt it has something to do with wiring at my house since I have two other systems one of which has a Corsair CX 430W (Green) PSU that doesn't give out abnormal noises.


I understand that there's the normal coil whine present in PSU's but this isn't the same noise I hear from my other CX 430W PSU.


P.S : at the time of writing this post there doesn't seem to be any noise but I'm afraid it will turn up later. I'm probably being paranoid but I've waited a long time saving up for this PC, really don't want to see it ruin :sigh!:


Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

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