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iCUE enabled Wallpapers Question


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I'm not sure if I'm asking this correctly. I have the wallpaper engine and I can use iCUE enabled wallpaper. I know to click iCUE enable and audio enable.


Question is this. The effects only seem to turn everything 1 color (typically White) and it's very light. Also not everything completely lights up. Its nothing like the regular lighting you get from using iCUE software. It's seems very off, like the zones aren't all lit on the devices (fans, etc..) and not all the lighting zones seem to be used.


I checked "Customizable" and "audio responsive"


I see some where you can change a slider to make the color fully come in, but that's like only a few. Is this on the creator? Also, if I search iCUE enabled or iCUE there aren't but a few. Is it slowing not being supported?

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