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I need an RMA # for 2 sticks of ram PLZ

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Hi, I had 2 sticks of CM64SD256-2700CX2H Ram ( XMS 256 pc2700) both sticks worked flawlessly in my Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Patinum for a little over a year or so until they both died on me and would not POST a few months back. I test both sticks in a few other boxes I have around my shop with the same failed POST results. I have tried everything on the soyo board from tweaking the FSB to resetting and updating the bios (although I can't see how that would fix anything seeing how they just died on me after working great.) The end result of all my testing was going to compusa and getting 2 Kingston stick of the same size and speed then installing them. The machine works like a champ with the new ram as you can see from me using it to type this message right now :) Having just found out about this forum from a friend of mine I would love to get a RMA for these 2 sticks and put them back in my box as this Kingston ram just is not as fast or stable as the Corsair ram was when I had it installed.



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