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Corsair Virtuoso - So many issues


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Hi everyone, this is my first post here!

Too bad isn't anything good.

I finally got 2 days ago my Virtuoso standard, and I was so damn hyped (mostly for the great mic than anything else).

I come from a couple of pair of G933, that i thought were after all the issues a good if not the best wireless headset around.


So where do i even start...


The comfort is non-existent. This is my main issue.

If i put my ears inside the cup they hit against the driver.

If i put my ears on the leather cup, it doesn't do much other the lowers the already low sound isolation.

The bass are non-existent. Even with the bass boost equalizing are a joke.

Speaking of equalizer, today it just decided to not work at all. I can't even switch from stereo to "7.1".

Crackling. Crackling for days in league of legends main menù. When you hover a button that does a sound, you hear both his sound and a crackling. I'm sure it has to do with an aggressive noise cancellation, because when there's no sound you hear no crackling, but in some youtube video the sounds get cut off when the audio source is too low, actually cutting some words from time to time (not sure i got my self clear here, sorry not english mothertongue).

Wireless range: i use to walk through all my house with the G933 (very small one). The fist time i tried the max range it was like 2/3 of em, changed usb port and then they got on pair with the previous headset (even getting back to the previous port :S).


Too bad i can't RMA or something since i bought em for a relatively cheap on ebay from a guy who had two pairs (130 euros).


Not sure if I want to wait for more firmware update hoping at least the sound quality improves.





Not even battery percentage.

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I agree with you to some extend. Its ridiculous that there is no battery percentage on the software. indication of low, medium and high in 2020... come on! this brings me back to the nokia era wich had such nasty battery indications.


What i dont agree on is the range. I can walk almost 15 metres away before it starts to lose connection. My ears dont hit the driver though... What i dont like is the hard headband. it presses on the top of your head and is far from comfortable. I dont understand hhy corsair chose for such a hard material.


What i also do agree on is the very poor sound quality. setting it to 7.1 surround sound you hear terrible artifacts in music and other sound. Its terrible. Putting 7.1 off back to stereo its a bit better. Still the sound has a very poor quality. Even my very small samsung galaxy buds have a far better sound quality. Besides that, the battery is pretty poor too. After a few hours i allready get the battery low warning. and after that it runs for a few more hours... wich also indicates that the battery indication is very inacurate.


With the bass i have to agree with you too. The bass is a joke on this headset. Even my in ear Galaxy buds have better bass.


This headset really needs a few descent updates to fix the problems there are. This product is unfinished.


Oh yeah one last thing. Who in the hell at corsair did come up with the usb cable placing on the headset. Its pointed slighted backwards wich when used goes directly down on the shoulder. everytime you move your head the sleeved cable scratches over your shoulder wich you hear in the headset. Its freaking annoying. so using a USB cable is highly out of the question and unusable.

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