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Bad stick of XMS3500

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I have a pair of XMS3500C2PT's in an ASUS P4C800 Deluxe mother board that have been working fine since spring 2003. Now I get random re-boots. I can only boot windows in safe mode.


I verified the PSU using a DMM. All lines were within 2% of nominal values. I ran Memtest86+ v1.4 and it fails immediately. The DIMMs are installed in slots 1 and 3. I swapped the two DIMMs in place. Memtest86+ still fails immediately. I remove the DIMM from slot 3 and Memtest86+ ran for 2 passes. I put the other DIMM into slot 1 and Memtest86+ fails immediately. I put the working DIMM back into slot 1 and Memtest86+ has run for 4 passes.


It seems conclusive that the DIMM now not installed is bad.


Somewhere between the many re-boots for testing I reset the BIOS setting to their defaults. So, everything is at stock settings. Except I disabled Legacy USB support.


The Corsair lable reads:


CMX512-3500C2PT XMS3502v1.1



This is one of the early XMS3500 parts.


I think I have outlined the testing well enough. Did I miss anything?


Please reply with the tech support ID number so I can submit an RMA.



Greg Jones

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