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Help with profiles: convert .cueprofiledata in .cueprofile?


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Hello, I recently had to restore my pc to factory reset.


In order to have a backup of my profiles for mouse and keyboard, I copied the Corsair iCUE Software folder (the one from C:\programs) and also made a SystemLog export from the application itself. The thing is, in these folders the Profile folder only contains .cueprofiledata files, and not .cueprofile files!


please tell me there is a way to use/convert them in order to get back my profiles?!

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There is no profile data in the C:Program x86 folder. All of your profiles and iCUE settings are located at C:Users/(name)/App Data (hidden)/Roaming/Corsair. For quick saves of the entire set-up (like before installing a new version of iCUE), you copy that folder to a safe place and then can drop it back into the old version if there is a problem. For fully secure back-ups of profiles, you need to export them. The Roaming folder stuff may not work if you need to change hardware devices, like the LNP, Commander Pro, or certain other components.


Depending on what kind of "factory reset" you performed (Windows now has at least 4 different ways to do this), you may still be able to retrieve them. Check your C: drive for C:Windows.old. This is the backup of settings in case you need to revert. In that folder are parts of your old C drive, including the User folder. Navigate to the App Data/Roaming/Corsair folder mentioned above. You may need to untick the windows setting that hides system folders.


1. Open any finder or folder window.

2. Select File drop down menu.

3. Change folder and search options.

4. View

5. 4-5 folders down... show hidden folders.



Once you are able to locate the old Roaming/Corsair folder, do the following.


1) Quit iCUE from the task bar.

2) Open the same Users/(name)/App Data/Roaming folder location in your current Windows install.

3) Delete or move the current Corsair folder to the desktop.

4) Paste the old Corsair folder in.

5) Re-launch iCUE. Things should be as you left them prior to the refresh.

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