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Friends. I'm very indecisive at the moment and need some input.

I'm looking at doing a new build in the next week or two but can't decide on going with a 680x build or a 280x build.


I'm going to be going Ryzen 3900x build with an Asus ROG Strix 2070 (already in my current build)


My current case is a fractal design meshify C.

My main concern right now is the size of the 680x. It looks quite massive from the specs and videos I've seen. The 280x is couple inches wider than my meshify c but is shorter and not as long (I think)


Worried the 280x will be a little compact with my GPU and have read some negatives about airflow - whats up with no rear exhaust?

Also don't like having only one mobo option for micro Atx and Ryzen 3900x


I like the idea of verticle GPU mounting in the 680x and all the room for fans but the size is kind of putting me off.


What say you fine folks? Should I go the micro ATX route and keep a nice small form factor or really go monster mode with the 680x.

Anyone built in both of the cases before?

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