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Super_Clean_Build #7

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Looking at the Corsair Carbide 270R.




I’m a pretty simple builder, just like my builds clean and minimal. Current build,


Asus X58 ATX


Samsung evo 2.5 sata 512GB


Antec POS P7 case

Corsair RM850x PSU




New Case

360x30 radiator

Pump&res to fit case\setup

AsRock x470 Taichi

16GBor32GB 3200Ghz\lower CL



Are the Corsair pump/res a solid product?



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That's a nice case, I was considering it to replace the case I have in my 2nd rig and use that one for the HTPC I'll build son but........not sure if I'm gonna build the HTPC anytime soon.


As for the Pump/Reservoir from Corsair, it is and it uses one of the best pumps, a D5 which it's also made in Hungary, the real deal, not some replica.

It's very quiet, even at the full speed of 4,741rpms, so I'd say they're solid.

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