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Asus K8N-E and three memory sticks


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I am currently running an ASUS K8N-E deluxe with a Athon 3200 and two sticks of the valueselect ram (VS512MB400, lot 0437013 for both.) This setup ran fine. Figuring I had another slot for ram, I wanted to add another gig so I purchased the value select 1 gig (VS1GB400C3, lot 0511104). When I had put the gig in bank 1 and the others in 2 & 3. My computer would not post. The 1 gig of ram by itself does run without any problems. Based on what I have read in the forums, apparenlty using 3 dimms is a bad idea. If running three sticks cant be done without a huge performance loss, what would be the better setup. The 1 gig by itself, or going back to the 2x512 setup. Thx.
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